ASTANA. KAZINFORM — The transit of goods through Kazakhstan in the direction of Iran may be intensified, «Alternative» Research Center director Andrei Chebotarev said.
He recalled that Russia signed an agreement on trade-economic cooperation with Iran.
«There is such an opinion that this is a scheme when the oil is exchanged for some goods, that is oil from Iran and goods from Russia,» he said. «It turns out that Kazakhstan will be involved, in particular, Aktau port. Therefore, it is beneficial for Kazakhstan.»
Chebotarev was delivering speech on the theme «Expanding the single market: Eurasian Economic Union (EAU) transit potential at the ‘World of Eurasia’ Expert Club meeting in Almaty Oct. 30.
He also recalled that Kazakhstan and Iran reached a preliminary agreement on the resumption of the swap crude oil transactions as part of the Iranian leader’s recent visit to Astana.
«This trend has previously worked,» the expert said. «Kazakhstan supplied oil to the north of Iran through the port of Aktau according to these types of operations launched in 2007, but suspended in recent years. There is a shortage of fuel in the north of Iran. On behalf of Kazakhstan, Iran supplied oil products to the port of Kharg in the Persian Gulf in the same volume.»
He recalled that an agreement on the transit of Russian oil to China was signed in 2014. The transit of gas is not clear, although Kazakhstan is trying for the gas pipeline to stretch through its territory, Kazinform refers to
«However, if we talk about the EAU, the only shortcoming is that the common oil and gas market will be created in 2025,» he said.
«It is beneficial for Kazakhstan to resolve the issue of transit of its hydrocarbons through Russia on domestic prices,» he said. «Of course, Kazakhstan will boost this issue.»
Regarding the use of motor vehicles, the North — South international transport corridor is beneficial. The main advantages are the reduction of shipment distance and the cost of container shipments compared to the cost of marine shipments.
«I think that there will be a move forward,» he said. «Currently, Kazakhstan is one of the most active member-states.»


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